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Brussels is a region of Belgium comprising of 19 municipalities including the city of Brussels. It is situated in the central portion of the country and yearly a number of people come to visit the city. The city is known for its beautiful architecture and cultural capital. The city offers something for everyone which means people of all ages can go and enjoy their trip to Brussels. The city is comparatively a larger city so you will require at least a week to stay here and enjoy the atmosphere or visit all places of the city.

When visiting Brussels one thing that you need not to worry about is your transport. Many transportation facilities are available in Brussels but most commonly used are taxis or private cabs. There is a competitive market of these companies in Brussels but amongst one of the best companies is Taxi Brussels. The company provides services at 2 big airports known as Charleroi and Brussels airport. You can easily book a cab from their site and they will take care of the rest. The quote given to you has no hidden charges so you need not to worry about extra cash.

When visiting Brussels, one thing you must do is visit the Grand palace. The Grand palace will leave you stunned because of the beautiful architecture that it has. It is worth a visit, on some days it has a flower market and visiting at night is recommended.

Notre Dame du sablon is amongst one of the most famous places you can visit when visiting Brussels. Earlier it was used as a chapel by Archer’s guild. It was later expanded and gained a lot of fame due to its beauty.

Brussels is known for the laces made here and also has Lace in the costume museum, so if you’re a fan of art or fashion this place is a must visit because it has all kinds of interesting lace costumes. The museum also displays many historical outfits.

See the Palais royal. Although the royal family of Belgium now spend their lives at Laeken, the Royal Palace in Brussels remains as their official residence. The palace is open for tourists in the summer months and makes a worthy addition to any itinerary whilst visiting the city. The most notable room in the palace has a ceiling covered in the wings of beetles, forming an oddly beautiful mosaic. The artwork as well as the interior decor is also as splendid as you might expect from a royal palace.